• Provide plans and promote opportunities for growth in Christian knowledge and living for all members of this congregation.

  • Appoint such officers and teams as are needed to accomplish the purposes and duties of the Ministry of Education:
          Sunday School 
          Adult Education
          Sr. High Youth (assist the Ministry of Youth team)
          Synod Colleges and Seminaries
          Lutheran Education Assistance Fund (LEAF)
          First Communion Practice
          Confirmation Ministry
          Mentoring Program
          Vacation Bible School
          Other, such as family, men, and women events

  • Assist those appointed in obtaining and maintaining an adequate teaching staff and materials needed to provide an effective education experience

  • To study, adopt, and/or adapt suggestions and materials provided by the North American Lutheran Church (NALC).



Meeting: 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m


  • Organize, publicize and provide leadership of an outreach program within this congregation and community.

  • Enlist and develop teams who will serve in the following areas:
         Eucharistic Ministry
         Tape Ministry
         Mission Festival
         Outreach Emphasis Month
         Visitor Visitation (follow-up)
         Worship Greeter Program
         Guest Book (welcome letters)
         Inactive Members
         Ecumenical Issues, area Ministries and Community Relations
         Cross Lutheran Web Site
         Name Tags and Mailbox Names in Narthex

  • Study, adopt and or adapt information and programs of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) Outreach Teams.



Parish Life

Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month at 5:00 p.m.


  • Plan for congregational events that involve the families in fellowship.

  • Make plans for Easter Breakfast, mid-week Lenten pot-lucks, and other events.

  • Develop support groups and small group ministries in the congregation.

  • Encourage and enlist teams to develop special events for:
    Seniors - Couples - Singles - Men - Women

  • Develop a Communication Team whose main objective is to plan for retreats, seminars, and educational events that help develop good communication skills in our fellowship and families.





  • Prepare a schedule of routine maintenance and upkeep for custodian(s) and periodically review
    &custodian(s) performance.

  • Regularly inspect buildings and grounds of this congregation for the necessity of repairs.

  • Repair or arrange for repairs and maintenance of all buildings, grounds, and equipment owned by this congregation.

  • Arrange for lawn mowing, gardening and snow removal at church, school, cemetery and other property as necessary. 

  • Direct repairing, maintaining or cleaning done by volunteers from the congregation.

  • Prepare specifications and receive bids for major renovations or repairs.

  • Maintain a current inventory of all property and equipment owned by this congregation.

  • Develop a committee that is responsible for the sound system, audio service, phones, computers, etc.

  • Provide for cemetery maintenance and burial arrangements.

  • Maintain legal description of all real estate, regularly check insurance coverage’s and develop policies relating to the rental and use of church and school.




Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.


  • Encourage and stimulate the growth of this congregation in its commitment to the Gospel by planning and conducting programs related to basic Biblical stewardship principles and by providing opportunities for every member to make a commitment to the work and support of this congregation.

  • Foster support for missions and charities through an ongoing program of mission and education utilizing resources provided through the North American Lutheran Church (NALC).

  • Develop regular communication with the congregation that informs the church regarding our faithfulness or lack thereof to the commitments we have made to various ministries.



Worship & Music


Aid the pastor and Minister of Music in carrying out their worship schedule and plans; analyze, at least annually, the physical properties and appointments for worship, and recommend to the Congregation Council appropriate repairs, additions, and subtractions; and assist leaders and teams for each of the following areas:

  • Assisting Ministers and Communion Assistants

  • Worship and Praise Team

  • Acolytes

  • Public Address System Leaders

  • Usher Team Assistance

  • Handicap Aids

  • Weekly and Special Bulletin Preparation

  • Bell Ringers

  • Liturgical Dance Team

  • Children’s Moment in Worship

  • Lay Readers

  • Hymn Committee


Develop and assist via a liaison to work with the following Sub Committees:

  • Altar Guild

  • Hymn Committee

  • Liturgical Dance Team

  • Worship and Praise

  • Decorating Committee




  • Direct and supervise all activities of all youth groups in the congregation.

  • To study, adopt and/or adapt information and programs of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) as appropriate.

  • Utilize the various youth activities provided for our synod through the Lutheran Youth Organizations (i.e. camp, leadership training, state and national gatherings, Youth Sunday).

  • Meet with worship and other ministries leaders to make sure that our youth are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the ministries of this congregation.

  • Organize with the youth and develop a Sunday morning youth Bible Class.

  • Encourage youth involvement in community activities.


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