Officers, Ministries, and Committees


Glenn Sokolowski

Music Director

Beth Elston

Church Council

President, Mike LePage

Vice President, Gretchen Roestel*

Secretary, Krisie Fritz

Treasurer, Nancy Heck

Financial Secretary, Raylene Henkelmann*


Kent McKenzie*

Norm Nelson*

Nancy Schuette*

Cory Messing

Steve Schulze


Paul Schuette, Constitution Rep.

Ministry of Properties

Corey Messing, Chair

Mike Eden

Paul Schuette

Ministry of Worship & Music

Barb Degg, Chair

Peg McCrimmon

Beth Elston

Karen Schuette

Mike Sting

Ministry of Mission / Outreach

Lorraine LePage, Chair

Krisie Fritz

Connie Eden

Rachel Messing

Bonnie Schulz

Kay Schuette

Tonja Nelson

Lori Smith

Nancy Heck

Ministry of Stewardship

Norm Nelson, Chair

Carol Diener

Raylene Henkelmann

Paul Schuette

June Sturm

Cindy Buchholz

Ministry of Education

Jean Sturm, Chair

Gretchen Roestel

June Sturm

Kim Delpiere

Ministry of Youth

Tim & Michelle Fritz, Chair

Ministry of Parish Life

Nancy Schuette, Chair

Betty Champagne

Pam Sturm

Alice Trost

Paul Schuette

Audit Committee

Donna Schuette - 2023

Denny Smith - 2023

Raylene Henkelmann - 2022

Dorothy Thuemmel - 2022

​Mike LePage - 2021*

Connie Herford - 2021*

Nominating Committee

Rachel Higgins

Lori McKenzie

Trevor Carriveau

Eileen Johnson

Betty Grimaldi

Barbara Degg

(1-year terms expire 2021)

Synod Assembly Rep
Norm & Tonja Nelson

(* - terms end February 2021)

School Board

President, Gretchen Roestel

Vice President, Vicki Yackle

Secretary, Robbi Shaffer


President, April Rujan

Vice President, Lori Trost

Secretary, Marcine Moore

Treasurer, Nicole Shupe


Handy Helper Ministry

Karen Anklam        551-8265

Marilyn Baur          550-8875

Patty Cucinello       453-3589

Barbara Degg        856-2678

Delores Elftman    453-2679

Pat Elston               453-2409

Carol Forster          375-2754

Vickie Forster         553-3875

Rachel Higgins        975-0668

Peggy Licht              975-1963

Lori McKenzie          553-3582

Marcinie Moore       550-9405

Carol Mead               856-7438

Carol Schadd            550-5150

Donna Schuette       375-4328

Karen Schuette        453-2744

Nancy Schuette       453-3969

Bonnie Schulz          453-3116

Alice Trost                 453-2279

Laura Trost               453-3209

Brigid Trowbridge    453-3990

Donna Wheeler        453-3712

Sheila Yackle             453-2589

Please let the office know of any changes to these Ministries and Committees.


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