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Cross Lutheran School

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In 1891, Cross Lutheran School began its ministry in the home of our first pastor, Rev. C. Richard Praetorius, who was also the first teacher.  He taught in his home for 14 years.  When our second church was built, the school moved from the pastor's home to the first church building.


In 1906, all schools were placed under state supervision, and Pastor asked for help with teaching duties.  Since then, Cross School has been blessed with many faithful teachers dedicated to teaching Christian values.


In 1949, a new brick school for grades 4 - 8 was built.  It contained one large classroom, a gym, a kitchen, restrooms, cloakrooms, and storage.


In 1962, due to lack of space, two classrooms an office, restrooms, and storage were added.


In 1976, grades expanded to include K - 8. In 1981, pre-school was added.  Due to crowded conditions, the gym was converted to a classroom, and the Youth Room at church became a classroom.


In the 1990s, thoughts again turned to expansion.  It was an exciting day when an addition was built connected to the church.  It consisted of a fellowship hall/gymnasium, five classrooms, a kitchen, a cafeteria, a library, three offices, restrooms, and storage.

In 2019, the school expanded again to include daycare, latch-key, and developmental kindergarten programs that effectively doubled the number of children being educated and in care programs.


The tradition of quality Christian education for children of Cross and the community continues to this day.


Visit the Cross School website.

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