Good Friday Service

Use these words to meditate upon as you prepare for worship:
We must note in the first place that Christ by his suffering not only saved us from the devil, death, and sin, but also that his suffering is an example, which we are to follow in our suffering. . . For God has appointed that we should not only believe in the crucified cross, but also be crucified with him. . . what is needed is to hold fast and submit oneself to it, as I have said, namely, that one know that we must suffer, in order that we may thus be conformed to Christ, and that it cannot be otherwise, that everyone must have his (her) cross and suffering.  When one knows this it is the more easy and bearable, and one can comfort oneself by saying: Very well, if I want to be a Christian, I must also wear the colors of the court; the dear Christ issues no others in his court; suffering must be there.  . . none should dictate or choose his own cross and suffering, but rather when it comes, patiently bear and suffer it.

    -- Martin Luther, Sermon at Coberg 1530.

Our Worship Service for
Good Friday - April 10
, 2020

Good Friday Hymns

Beth Elston, pianist

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